Random or Semi-Regular Webmail Logouts

Occasionally, even with "Remember Me" enabled on the webmail login page, users can be logged out after a period of time. IN MOST CASES, we've found that the reason for this has to do with mismatched time zones or misconfigured time settings on the user's device or some external service, such as a VPN. Having time zone issues can affect the webmail interface and, in particular, the login credentials and possibly the use of SSL certificates.

If you get randomly logged out of the SmarterMail webmail interface, there are a few time zone related things you can check. 

  1. When using a VPN, make sure the end point being used is set to the same time zone as the computer being used. Or, if you're using a VPN service, for whatever reason, disconnect before connecting to webmail.
  2. Check the time zone settings on your device. Whenever possible, make sure you're actually using a valid time zone and don't have "Set time zone automatically" configured. The same holds true for the SmarterMail server.
  3. Check the time zone of the browser being used. Browsers like Chrome offer the ability to set the time zone being used. Something like Microsoft Edge will use the Windows time zone, so it doesn't need to be checked. 
  4. Clear out the login cookie and try logging in again with "Remember Me" checked. There may be an issue with the cookie used to store your login info. Deleting the cookie, then re-signing in can help eliminate that as an issue.
People don't realize how important using the proper time settings on their devices, in their browsers, and across various services and networking appliances is. Having conflicts or unstable settings can impact more than your ability to log in, and stay logged in, to webmail. The above settings can help ensure you're working as efficiently and consistently as possible.