ActiveSync stops connecting
Problem reported by Randy Armbrecht - 5/5/2017 at 11:45 AM
does anyone else have an issue with ActiveSync connections all of a sudden failing to work?  No other services are having issues (POP, IMAP, etc) - just ActiveSync.  Running SMail v15.4 VM with WIN Svr 2012-R2 with all latest patches,
This happens once, maybe twice, per week and is just driving us nuts

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Randy Armbrecht Replied
forgot to add, only way to get every thing working again is to restart the SmarterMail Service
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hi Randy.  Go to Settings >> Log Settings, and make sure ActiveSync logging is set to detailed.  Then once this error occurs, look in the ActiveSync logs for any Exceptions or SYNC KEY MISMATCH errors.
If those are found, then impersonate the end-user and go to Settings >> My Settings >> Synchronized Devices.  Delete the devices.   Afterwards, remove and re-add the EAS profile within the email client.  I think that should take care of this.   

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