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Question asked by Gary P - 11/18/2016 at 3:46 AM

I have set up a mailing list and use the #UnsubscibeLink# to generate an unsubscribe link in email message footer. This works perfect. 

However I have also set the option 'Send Unsubscribe Email' in the options.

If a subscriber receives an email and then decides to unsubscribe via the generated link it works and they are unsubscribed, and a message is displayed in the browser, however it does not send an unsubscribe email , which I thought would be useful (and the correct behaviour?) as we can send a final email confirming the unsubscription also with instructions on how to re-subscribe.

​Is this the correct behaviour, if so what is the purpose of the unsubscribe option?

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Employee Replied
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Hi Gary.  This is currently working as designed.  The "Send Unsubscribe Email" is sent when a member unsubscribes via Listserv command.  When clicking on the #UnsubscribeLink#, the member is given immediate notification that they're been unsubscribed.  I hope this helps.
Matthew Shepard Replied
If you still want a confirmation e-mail to go out, you can create an event for e-mail notification of unsubscription found here: https://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2801/create-an-event-for-mailing-list-subscribes-unsubcribes.aspx
And in the e-mail to field, you can use the #emailaddress# variable. I'm using smartermail version 16 though, not sure if those options are still there in earlier versions.

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