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Question asked by Donavon McKigney - 9/28/2016 at 7:08 AM
We have a user that has 2 logins.  One is fname and the other is fname@domain.com.  Both have the same email address.  When she logs in as either one, she can see all of her tickets listed.  When she logs in as fname, she can open only some of the tickets.  When she logs in as fname@domain.com she can view the other tickets.  Looking at the history some tickets get created under one, some under the other. She is getting an error message of "The ticket could not be found or you do not have permissions to view it.
I'm wondering if I delete one of the user accounts, will she be able to open all of the tickets under the remaining account?  Or is there another process that would allow her to open all of the tickets.

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Merle Wait Replied
No, I can tell you that they can not....  You would have to do some extra coding...   What we found is although there is a "SingleSignOn" process..   the individual has to be in SmTrak for the Single Sign On to work correctly.  At least that is our experience.
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Donavon McKigney Replied
Both of this users accounts are in SmarterTrack. That is the problem. When she creates tickets, some time they are created under one, sometimes the other. This is what is causing the issue.

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