Huge memory in SM 15.3.6095
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - September 17, 2016 at 7:00 AM
I noticed mail delivery was a bit slow from the time I sent a test message until receipt, just not the normal.  I figured I'd take a peek at my Win 2012 R2 box and see what the memory looks like, it's huge.  I've never seen the memory for the MailService this high.
Anyone else seeing very high memory on the service?  Sure would be nice to be able to upload an image!
This image will be removed at some point as I put it in my dropbox public folder:

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Mine is not running that high, mine is running 3-4 where yours is 9.5 but I am having tons of issues trying to just import a couple of mailbox with imap.. I just upgraded to the newest version and did not even think about the upgrade and version I was on as being part of the issues. I am going to downgrade after trying to get things to sync for the past day and then see where the memory is at and if I can sync imap box again.... I just posted about having sync issues... and I am on that version as well.... maybe not related but I am about to downgrade to test.. I will let you know when I downgrade in the next few hours what happens with memory...
I restarted the service this morning, very low server activity, and I'm immediately at 4 GB memory on the service.
I'd love to know what others are seeing for service memory.  Please post a reply with the memory your SmarterMail service is stabilized at.
Windows 2008R2 64Bit
24GB Ram
Dual L5420 (2.5GHz Quad Core)
SmarterMail Version - 15.2.6039
Microsoft.Net Framework Version: 4.0.30319.34209
MailService.exe 847Kb
Clamd.exe 462Kb
Kendra Support
Junk Email filtered ISP
Wondering here if SM can be designed to use more RAM and/or CPU when desired. Would be a nice feature.
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Hi Neal.  Was this after a recent upgrade?  If so, did you uninstall the previous version first, or install 15.3 on top of an existing version?
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The last week we have had our 2 server just die on us, today was the only day I was able to catch the server and find out the memory usage was over 8GB of ram, killing the mailservice and the mail server recovered 8gb of ram back, I have tried disabling various options to no avail. This is happening mainly on 15.3, but it is also occuring on 12.5 servers, I can recal that the 4.6 updates and patches were loaded last week, is this not maybe where the issues have come from ?
Is it possible that the high RAM usage is a symptom, rather than a cause, of server hangs? Properly designed programs should swap to virtual memory when RAM usage is high, and at most slow down, as opposed to completely hanging.
Also, the server should report this in its event logs, at the least.
Most current version is: 15.3.6109 . Try upgrading to that version, but be aware that doing even a minor version upgrade requires an uninstall, reboot and reinstall. Your data will be preserved, but make certain you enter any custom installation path (s). You must also disable the built-in SmarterMail web server, and run under IIS, preferably with TLS security properly configured. PM me if tou need assistance on setting up the encryption products for your server OS or SmarterMail ports.
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So I had same experience as keith dovale September 30 ... In that mem usuage was not so bad... but CPU usage suddenly would spike. I too traced it back to Spam Assassin being in conflict with SM (we are on 15.2).  Created a problem ticket with ST; they recommended going to 15.3)..  We did.. so far no more spiking... but it seemed to be very random.
We were able to capture the CPU spike and create a dump for ST. Not sure what, if anything, was found from that.
My only suggestion would be turn off (trial an error) a couple of other systems or functions... just to see if SM goes back down.   We are a small shop....  avg about 6K inbound daily.... mem=avg 600mb.   
SM 15.2.6
Win2012 R2 (Hyper-V VM with dynamic memory, 4GB currently assigned, 4 vCPUs)
SM Service using 880MB
ClamAV using 450MB
Cyren using 40MB
Decludeproc using 16MB
About 500 users, 30K messages a day.

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