SmarterMail and ColdFusion Issues

SmarterMail can run on a server that also has other applications or frameworks running on it. A good example is ColdFusion. SmarterMail and ColdFusion CAN be installed on the same server, but there are a few small things a server administrator will need to do to make sure mail flows through both ColdFusion and SmarterMail. 

Below are 3 simple steps you'll need to take to eliminate any conflicts between SmarterMail (15.x and above) and ColdFusion (CF 10.x and above):

1. Enable SMTP Auth Bypass for any IPs used by ColdFusion. This is especially true if you're sending emails from a ColdFusion site or application. To do this, log in as the system administrator and navigate to Settings > Security and click on the Whitelist tab. Here, you'll want to add in a New rule for the IP(s) in question, and turn on SMTP Auth Bypass for the IP(s). 

2. ColdFusion's built-in application server, "Tomcat", applies some ISAPI filters that will need to be disabled in order for ColdFusion to send email through SmarterMail. To remove these inherited filters, you'll want to edit your applicationhost.config file by adding in the following:
<location path="SmarterMail">
<remove name="tomcat" />
3. Finally, ColdFusion also adds in some handler mappings to the default website used by SmarterMail. These handler mappings will need to be removed as well.

Once these 3 things are taken care of, ColdFusion and SmarterMail should get along just fine!