Where can we find the responses to: Was this article Helpful? Yes/No
Question asked by Sally Sloley - August 17, 2016 at 5:52 PM
I noticed the addition of the Yes/No response to the question of whether an article was useful or not in the KB. 1. Thanks! 2. Where can we find the responses to this. I expected it in Reports but am not seeing it. 3. In the future might it not be useful to have a no response trigger the feeback window? They'll likely still ignore it, but it seems more useful than having the two questions on opposite sides of the page.  

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Sally,
The Helpfulness ratings for your knowledge base articles can be found within the Knowledge Base section. View all your articles at once or use the searching/folder options to filter to specific ones. In the grid, you'll see a column for Helpfulness. You can click on this column header to change the sort order from most to least helpful or vice versa.
When viewing these numbers in the Portal, your users will see a percentage of helpfulness, in order to protect user-base privacy (how many people are reading your articles.) However, when you review the helpfulness in the Management Interface, you'll see both a percentage and number (eg. 4/4). 
I also like your suggestion about a "No" answer triggering a feedback box! I'll pass that along. 
Hope this helps! 

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.


Sally Sloley Replied
So, I pulled up one of my articles that had 3 yes answers for helpfulness. Then I went into the Portal, searched for the article, found it, but there's no column header for it, and if I open for more info on that article, I'm still not seeing anything. Ideas?

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