Suggestions to make SmarterTrack better
Idea shared by Mark Strother - 8/17/2016 at 1:54 PM
After working with SmarterTrack for a while now I want to express some ideas I think would greatly improve the usability of your program.
1. Allow editable comments (maybe have a check box saying "Allow editing by people other than the owner" in the options). Currently, unless you have created the comment yourself you cannot edit any type of comment.
2. Make the view cleaner when reviewing the ticket pane on the left - e.g. the whole department > group and then showing agents in the global view and then in each department is very messy - at least have a way to customise the view.
3. When using "Reply-All" with a copy-to address in the user profile (so people are notified upon new replies) the ticket returns to "Active" status - this is not expected behaviour as you may just be replying to a client and mark as waiting... only to find the ticket active when you re-view your queue
4. If you select multiple tickets using the check boxes only the first items has the action performed on it (e.g. delete), you need to select the empty space on the row to get it to effect all
5. When you create a multi-line custom text field you cannot choose the size of it, and it's extremely small! Also if you display it under communications it will just be a string of text and not adhere to the new line presses of the enter key you did in the field. This should be changed so you can either choose the size, or the size is automatically determined based on the amount of text and it should read the new-line characters.
6. Re-occurring tickets -> There should be a way to have a scheduled ticket created every x amount of time (e.g. to review updates on a server every month).
7. Is there a possibility of adding an Alert email handling system? E.g. we have a datacentre department and they receive alerts - sometimes many many alerts. There should be a way to acknowledge them and group them together if a lot come in at once - or at least organise them so there aren't 100 tickets.
Hopefully this helps the dev team in improving this great product!

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