Clean up Editing of Contacts and Calendar Events
Idea shared by kevind - 8/17/2016 at 7:25 AM
When creating an event on the calendar, there is a separate tab called "Description" with 1 small, lonely, text box, also called Description.
I suggest moving this small text box to the Event tab for convenience. Having it on a separate tab, it will never get used. If someone did write something there, you would never see it unless you clicked the Description tab every time you looked at an event (not likely).
Also, looks like every event has "No Description" written inside the Description text box. Leaving the field empty would be fine.

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Let's do the same thing with Contacts:
  • When editing a contact, there's a separate tab called Additional Info. This tab has a single field, also called Additional Info. Move this field to the main Contacts screen with name/address/etc. and drop the extra tab.
Also, let's call the field Notes instead of Additional Info so it matches what it's labeled when you're not in Edit mode. Having 2 different names depending on whether you're viewing it or editing is confusing.

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