Improve Calendar Responsiveness

For the best calendaring experience, a user's calendar file should not exceed 10 - 15mb in size. However, if a calendar has a number of recurring events -- several daily or weekly recurring events especially -- keeping those calendar files smaller, 8mb or less, may be warranted to ensure that the server runs at an optimal level. To assist with keeping these files at a manageable size, we strongly recommend the use of Calendar Auto-Clean to keep past calendar events from cluttering up calendar views and to keep calendar JSON files from exceeding the recommended size limit.

System administrators can set up a system-wide Calendar Auto-Clean rule in SmarterMail's General settings. This rule would then apply to every domain on the server, giving system administrators total control over how long items stay in users' calendars before they're automatically deleted.

However, system administrators may decide to allow domain administrators to override that system setting for their individual domains. When enabled, the domain administrator can modify the system setting based on user need. It's worth noting that allowing domain administrators to manage their own calendar auto-clean settings applies to ALL domains, and all domain administrators. It cannot be set on a domain-by-domain basis.

In addition, when domain administrators have the ability to edit their domain's auto-clean setting, they, too, can allow users to override whatever the domain administrator sets up. While this may be fine for domains with low user counts, for larger domains the domain administrator may not want to relinquish control of the setting in order to retain the ability to manage the overall sizes of calendar files. When users have the ability to manage their own calendar auto-clean settings, it is important to monitor users' calendar files periodically and contact users that are exceeding any recommended limit.