Print Report of Alias and their members
Idea shared by Trey Gill - May 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM
iam actually very surprised that there is no way to print all the alias (group emails) you have setup. Neither there is way to show/print all the groups with their email users. All I can do is make screenshots of the aliases setup. If its more than one page you have to scroll down and make another screenshot. Same goes for emails accounts in each alias group. You have to click on it either copy or screenshot it. No way to print a whole list of it.
This feature should be implemented. Its is very time consuming and frustrating which email account is setup in which alias.
Is there a way to implement it?
Thank you

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I wholeheartedly agree. It is long overdue.

The same goes for Forwarders. There really needs to be a report of all accounts that are forwarding emails and to what destination address(es).

If SmarterTools were to let me know where to send Beer, Brownies, or Pizza I'd be more than happy to bribe them along with my begging for these reports.
Hi guys. Not sure if this will help with what you are asking, but the script at this link does a lot of helpful things: I use it all the time for various tasks.
Linda Pagillo
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