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Problem reported by atilla gahbro - 5/6/2016 at 9:10 AM
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We have some clients who are trying to use activesync for syncing contacts on android however the global address list doesn't seem to sync only the "my contacts" how can we make the global address list sync?

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Hey Atilla!
Thanks for reaching out. Using ActiveSync on Android and iPhone should sync the Global Address List (GAL); however, it will only sync on a search. By this, I mean that you won't see a GAL entry while browsing your contacts, but an entry will appear when you do a search in your contacts list. This is because the GAL essentially acts as a directory, and for very large companies, it could get out of hand to download all entries to a mobile device.
I hope this helps clarify! Are you able to find GAL entries when doing a search in your Android contacts? 

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