eM Client and EWS
Problem reported by Scarab - April 5, 2016 at 11:32 AM
We started recommending eM Client to our customers to use with SmarterMail. With it working seemingly well with EWS for email, contacts, calendar and tasks it seemed like a good idea. HOWEVER, we started getting one frantic call after another when every single user kept getting their eM Client database corrupted on a daily basis.
After some trial and error we finally tracked the issue to Drafts made in eM Client are trying to be synched to SmarterMail's Drafts folder and the corruption occurs. Disabling the auto-saving of Drafts in the eM Client Settings resolved the issue for our clients.

Note: this is an eM Client issue and not a SmarterMail issue but I figure there might be others who may experience the same problem so knowing why it is happening and how to fix it may be of great use to someone.

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I am in communications with eM Client to have this resolved with the new version 7 of eM Client. They are working on it now. In fact I have 5 bugs being worked on right now.
  1. Issue with syncing tasks marked complete.
  2. Issue with drafts being saved to draft folder.
  3. Issue with marking email as read and syncing to server and other devices.
  4. Issue with comment encoding in contact " Note " field.
  5. Issue with contact fields being lost when syncing updated contacts with server.
I am hopeful, being they are working on beta 2 of eM Client 7, they will be worked on quickly.
Note: All of these are EWS specific.

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