Custom Filters Not Being Applied
Question asked by Michael McCrae - 3/23/2016 at 11:22 AM
It does not appear that my custom antispam filters are being applied. I've tried to block Subject line text and TLD's, but emails still come through.
Example 1: (Meant to block TLD; *.download)
    Rule Source: Header
    Header: From
    Rule Type: Regular Expression
    Rule Text: .*\.download$
Example 2: (Meant to block subject with text, "Garant")
    Rule Source: Header
    Header: Subject
    Rule Type: Contains
    Rule Text: Garant
Am I doing something wrong?

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Scarab Replied
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The Custom Filters are rather particular on syntax which is why many don't use them.
Try using the following for your Custom Filter to score email from the .download TLD:
Although .* would work in most cases there are unique cases where .+ would be more inclusive. The main part you were missing is the > at the end of the domain but before the $. We successfully use this along with many other newer TLDs.
Example 2 looks good, but when you are using Contains it is Case-Sensitive and Character-Sensitive. Therefore you may want to add all possible variations, one per line (i.e., Oprah, 0prah OPRAH, 0PRAH, oprah, et cetera).

The only other thing I can think of is make sure that whatever you put into the Header field, do *NOT* follow it with a trailing colon : as this is implied in that field and adding it to Subject: would result in looking for a field named Subject:: and never catching anything. 
Michael McCrae Replied
That is extremely helpful. Thank you for your response!

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