Deleting Old Tickets?
Question asked by Leo Novelli - November 24, 2014 at 11:30 AM
Is there a way to delete all the old closed tickets, along with their associated RawContent and Attachments, from a specific department or group?  
We have an old group that we don't use anymore and the old tickets are taking up a lot of disk space within the RawContent and Attachments folders.

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Hello Leo,
Thanks for the inquiry. I would suggest for you to perform a backup of the database prior to making any changes or deleting is done. We do have a process that after you select to delete tickets after 90 days we will purge the records from the system. I do believe will also remove items form the attachments and raw content folders.  Please let us know if you encounter any other difficulties.
Note:  Items purged from SmartrerTrack are no longer indexed and will not return as results when using Advanced Search.
Thank You.
How exactly do we delete all closed tickets? The reply above doesn't say how to do this. For example, tell me how to delete all closed tickets that are over a year old. We are running SmarterTrack Version 11.0.5619.21833. 
We see that SmarterTrack automatically deletes purged items after 90 days.  Is there a job that we can run manually to do this process now so that we do not have to wait 90 day?  Thanks.

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