Shared Calendar Added to Outlook 2013 not syncing
Problem reported by John Dobbin - 1/25/2016 at 12:14 PM
We have two users on one domain D, and J. D has shared his calendar with full control with J, and J has attached to the calendar and can see, update, and edit D's calendar in webmail just fine. J has added D's calendar to Outlook and can see items that were there when the calendar was added, but new items added to the calendar via Outlook do not sync, and new items added by D are not syncing to Outlook either. Items created via webmail on D's calendar only sync with D's Outlook.
In order to test this issue, I created a test user on another domain hosted on another server, shared the calendar full control to another user, attached to it, added it to Outlook, and got the same results. Both servers are running SmarterMail 14, one with customer domain on 14.4.5822, the test install running 14.4.5801, and again, both exhibiting the same behavior.
Is anyone else seeing this with a shared calendar added to outlook?

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J Lee Replied
Hi Steve
Yes I'm having the same issue.  Shared calendars are not visible in Outlook 2013, iPhone ActiveSync, and BlackBerry 10 ActiveSync. Very frustrating.  SM 15.0.5949

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