Out of office replies to tickets...
Question asked by Koby Fuessler - November 13, 2015 at 11:46 AM
One of our helpdesk employees recently brought something to my attention regarding how an "out of office" auto-response appears in a ticket.
What's happening is that the employee replies to a ticket from the web interface, then the recipient's mail client auto-responds with an out of office message.  When the out of office email hits the ticket, the ticket shows:
"A bounce message was received for a reply to this Ticket. As a result, one or more replies may not have been received by the intended recipient(s). Raw Content"
We can then click on "Raw Content" and see the raw .eml file and attempt to decipher what the response was.  I'm hoping there's a way to change this behavior so that the actual out of office email would show in the email chain in the ticket.  Is there a way?
In our organization we are using SmarterTrack 11.3.5766.

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