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Idea shared by Antonio King - 11/13/2015 at 9:57 AM
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For a product that supports multiple brands on the surface, and customer interaction level, it surprises me that there isn't more unique branding opportunities in the background that can support this. Here are some suggestions I have for more unique branding:
- Create and design email templates on a brand level, including as granular as CSS design to match the brand we want.
- Create and design surveys and survey templates, on a brand level, including as granular as CSS design to match the brand we want. 
I can't think of other unique brand opportunities right now, but I'm sure I'll add more later. 

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Hello Antonio,
In Settings-> Brands under the Portal Options tab, there is a custom CSS textbox where I believe you can override how the css is displayed for the portal pages.
Yes, we've done that. My suggestions were a bit more specific to communication with customers.

Our portal designs are completely redesigned:


I mean more in the terms of what the customer sees when we communicate from these separate brands. The master template is applied across the board, instead of having the ability to independently style a mail template per brand. Same with survey templates: you can't really style the survey design wise.

It'd be nice to be able to design your brand accordingly within the range of ST. Since you're capable of functioning as more than one brand, then it only makes sense to be able to separate all brands by their own design in all facets.
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As far as CSS I thought you should be able to design them with the CSS textbox but i could be wrong... ANYWAYS the templates are configurable by department. You can go to Setting -> Departments -> Your Department click on Tickets tab and there is a field called custom field template where you can change which template you want to use. The Live Chat tab as a custom field template as well for what fields you want to show in the survey.
Maybe I'm not being clear enough - apologies if not. I'm not looking to change the custom field template. I'm looking to change email templates on a brand level specifically with regards to design.

Go to Settings > Email > Templates > and you'll see that there is only one master template that's applied across the board. Applying one email design template for all brands doesn't really help us separate brands.

With surveys, you can't design those at all; you can design what questions you want where, but that's it. If we wanted a survey for one of our brands to look different, we don't have that ability.

Hope that helps.
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Hello Antonio, 
Sorry about the misunderstanding. This feature does seem limited and i agree that making this feature more flexible per brand would be a good idea. I will add this to the features list to be discussed for future versions.
Thank you,
Has there been any development on this? I was about to post a suggestion to support embedding HTML within surveys so that branding and other content (videos, links, images, etc.) could be supported within a survey. In regards to branding, this post makes sense.


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