Smartertrack - Button to submit a ticket is missing (unless you login)
Problem reported by Nathalie V - October 7, 2015 at 11:41 AM
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SmarterTrack 11.2
We haven't changed any settings so it should still be configured to allow unregistered users to submit tickets from our portal (you don't need to be logged in to submit a ticket).  I'm trying to find that exact setting now I don't know if something changed but I can't find it.  There's a setting that is set so only registered users can view tickets, wasn't there a setting to allow unregistered users to submit tickets?
This was working fine for some time. I'm not sure when this broke as I only just noticed the issue but I believe it may be when we upgraded from 10.x to 11.2.
When a user is not logged in there is no button to create a ticket, but the button does show for logged-in users.

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Go to Settings -> Manage -> Brands select the brand you are on then navigate to the permissions tab and ensure that 'View ticket requires' is set to the correct setting. Then go to Settings -> Manage -> Departments select the department you want the users to be able to submit to and navigate to the Tickets Tab. ensure 'New Tickets in Portal' is set to the correct permission.
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Under Brands:
'View Ticket Requires' is set to "Registered Users"
Under each Department:
'New Tickets in Portal' is set to "All Users (login not required)"
per my understanding this means people should be able to submit a ticket without logging in, but need to be logged in to view tickets.
Yet the icon to create a ticket is missing from our SmarterTrack portal (unless you log in)

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