How to change the must be logged in message
Question asked by Willem - 9/12/2015 at 11:23 PM
Where do I change this message "You must be logged in to perform this action."
that appears on the log in popup that appears when trying to create a new tread when NOT logged in.

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Employee Replied
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Hello Willem,
You can change this in the translations file. Go to SmarterTrack11\src\SmarterTrack.MRS\App_Data\Translations in your files select the file language you want to change (en-gb for English) and ctrl +F to find LoginToPerformAction and change it to whatever you would like it to be!
Hope this helps,
Jonathan Forrester Replied
What do we do if it is hosted by SmarterTrack?
User Replied
Hello Jonathan,
It would not be possible to customize translatable text for hosted. But you can always add a community thread type 'idea' for others to vote on and to be considered for future versions.

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