Agent Reply by Email Commands (ie Close Ticket from Email Reply)
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 8/6/2015 at 12:15 PM
I've searched the community to see if this has been suggested before and searched the online help to see if it's already implemented but came up empty.
So here's my idea...
I consider myself an "occasional support" agent.  I have people who answer support tickets as they come in, but if there's a ticket which they don't know the answer to they'll assign it to me.  Since I'm not logged in to SmarterTrack all day, I've get email forwarding turned on for myself and also the ability to reply to a ticket via email.  That part works pretty good.
What would be nice, however, is the ability to reply to a ticket from my email client and then include certain special reserved "tags" or "keywords" as instructions for SmarterTrack on how to process the ticket after dealing with the response.
For example, if I were to provide my response, and then at the very end, add something like [[CLOSE]] then it would essentially do the same thing as the "Send and Close" button inside of SmarterTrack.  As it stands currently, it appears that tickets get marked as waiting all the time, even if I don't expect any further replies because my answer is perfect:)
Some other commands that would be nice (off the top of my head):

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I think that this would be a great Idea and very useful.
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Just as an idea, you could try to create an event to handle this? Go to Settings->Events and add a new event for Ticket -> Ticket Message Sent or Ticket Message Received (not sure which way this will work with the email forwarding) then check the 'Body Text' value and select the 'contains' from the dropdown. Fill in the value, then navigate to the 'Action' tab, and tell it what you would like to happen.
Hope this helps,
I believe the customer would be able to see the commands then, no? Using the events might be a start for some limited functionality, but ideally it would be better to have something that could be embedded within the body which provided instructions to SmarterTrack and then were stripped out once processed.
I would for sure like to see this as a feature especially for when im out and about and need to close a ticket which i am constantly. 
Just wanted to bump this - nobody from the SmarterTrack team has commented on this idea or changed the status.

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