Uninstall in Add/Remove Programs missing?
Question asked by Patrick Kraus - 8/5/2015 at 2:24 AM
I need to uninstall my current version of SmarterMail so that I can upgrade.
I can’t find the uninstall file when I navigate to my Add/Remove Program files, its disappeared for some reason!!!
Is there a way to find this file in another location so I can manually run it or is there a way to add it back?
Thanks, Pat

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Hi Pat.  Are you sure you didn't perform a manual installation of SmarterMail?  I have not heard of any of our products disappearing from the Control Panel.
Patrick Kraus Replied
Hi Rod, thanks for the quick reply.
I took a chance and just installed over the existing installation, rebooted the server and then checked the add/Remove Programs list and the uninstall file was back again.
I then deleted the installation, rebooted and installed a clean copy.
Very strange as it was definitely not there initially.
Thanks gain for the quick reply.
Bruce Barnes Replied
That's usually a safe procedure, Patrick, but if you can give Rod any additional information, like when, and how, the original was installed, it might be beneficial to future reported incidents.
Another question: did you have any system crashes or dis you do an in-place operating system upgrade at any time after the original SmarterMail was installed?
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Patrick Kraus Replied
We have been using SM since version 3 and it’s been migrated 3 times to larger servers each time. We have never had a problem and have always uninstalled for major version updates and for minor version we just install over the existing.

I have notices a couple of small bugs, like the password requirements are not being checked and users are able to add any password they enter now.

I thought I would uninstall and then reinstall to see if this would fix the error but then the uninstall file was not available!

We did have some issues last time we updated where it stated that the user did not have the correct permission to install and the install kept rolling back. After some rebooting we managed to get the update installed.

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