Uninstall in Add/Remove Programs missing?
Question asked by Patrick Kraus - August 5, 2015 at 2:24 AM
I need to uninstall my current version of SmarterMail so that I can upgrade.
I can’t find the uninstall file when I navigate to my Add/Remove Program files, its disappeared for some reason!!!
Is there a way to find this file in another location so I can manually run it or is there a way to add it back?
Thanks, Pat

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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Pat.  Are you sure you didn't perform a manual installation of SmarterMail?  I have not heard of any of our products disappearing from the Control Panel.
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Hi Rod, thanks for the quick reply.
I took a chance and just installed over the existing installation, rebooted the server and then checked the add/Remove Programs list and the uninstall file was back again.
I then deleted the installation, rebooted and installed a clean copy.
Very strange as it was definitely not there initially.
Thanks gain for the quick reply.
That's usually a safe procedure, Patrick, but if you can give Rod any additional information, like when, and how, the original was installed, it might be beneficial to future reported incidents.
Another question: did you have any system crashes or dis you do an in-place operating system upgrade at any time after the original SmarterMail was installed?
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