Global address list when added to Outlook is not showing alias
Idea shared by Heimir Eidskrem - 7/27/2015 at 2:48 PM
Under Consideration
In webmail when viewing the Global Address list you see all the addresses  and the alias.
But when you add the GAL to Outlook it only shows the email accounts for users and not alias.
Is this a problem on our end or is this a problem with the Smartermail software?

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Heimir, currently SmarterMail does not sync alias (nor mailing lists) with Outlook via "Add to Outlook."  This is by design due to the way aliases and mailing lists are internally represented in code.  Regardless, I can see the value of syncing these items and have added this to our features request list.  Therefore, I am changing this from a Question thread to an Idea thread to facilitate tracking.
How far is this in planning?
We are 6 months out, and I have a customer with 250 mailing lists they want to be able to access through their outlook.
And yes it was 250+, several thousands of emails they want to be able to send out

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