Active Sync and shared calenders on a iDevice
Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 6/16/2015 at 2:02 PM
I have a question about shared calendars in SmarterMail. We are currently running build 13.4.5603, We have licensing for Exchange Active Sync. One of my users has an iPad and wanted to know how to add a shared calendar to the iPad. I setup the email account on the iPad using the exchange setup, but the only calendar we get is his calendar and I can't seem to find a way to add the shared calendar he is mapped to also. We can see the shared calendar in the web interface and it's already added to his Outlook, but I can't seem to add it to his iDevice.
One method I tried on our iPad was to use the CalDav method of adding the calendar of the user that is sharing it out, but the issue we run into with this is (1) I am sure the user doesn't want other users to know his email password and (2) this is also a situation where not everyone has write access, only read access.
When I tried adding the calendar through the iPad by adding calendar under the exchange section, it never connects when I use the shared resource name. So what I told my user to do for now is log into the web interface and look at the calendar through there.
Anyone know if there is a future build that will support shared resources on iDevices through the Exchange Active Sync? Or if I am missing a step here?
I appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Jay,
I'm sorry to report that it's not currently possible to sync a shared calendar to an iPhone. I will change this thread from a Question to a Proposed Idea to facilitate tracking on this request. 
Thank you! 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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