New ticket instead of a reply
Problem reported by Yannick Guerdat - 6/1/2015 at 12:21 AM
I have an issue with the ticket feature who a new ticket is create instead of a reply. To reproduce make the following steps : 
  1. A customer open a ticket
  2. We reply but keep the ticket "on hold". 
  3. We reply a second time with some additional content
  4. The customer reply
Based on the following sample instead of having a customer reply inside our ticket, the system generate a new ticket. 
Can you confirm me you can reproduce the following issue ? 
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Hello Yannick, If "on hold" is the same as status "waiting" I was unable to re-create this issue on the latest build of 11x Its possible the customer may be changing the subject line in the email as that could cause it to open as a separate ticket.

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