PLEASE add the ability to produce a summary report of closed tickets by agent
Idea shared by Steve Berry - 5/15/2015 at 10:09 AM
It amazes me that the product cannot generate a report of closed tickets by Agent.
Please add this functionality intot he product.
(And everyone vote on this too!)
Submitted    client    description    closed date
Agent 1
4/1/15         client1     fix my login      4/3/15
3/30/15        client2    help with this    4/4/15
Agent 2
4/2/15         client3     fix my                 4/8/15
3/30/15        client4    help this            4/5/15

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Agreed, the reporting in ST needs a lot of work. If you consider most tasks that a manager of the _company_ (vs. the department) would want to know about customer tickets, usage, etc, many items are not to be found.

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