WebChat - can't hold connections
Problem reported by Merle Wait - May 13, 2015 at 2:30 PM
I am 're-posting' this here.... because I originally made it as a comment in another post.

Am thinking that WebChat is no longer viable for the reason mentioned... 
Also am **wondering** if it is some how related to the issues of the webhosting reset issue too.
We are getting to where the WebChat interface is too unreliable to use.
What happens is similar to what you are describing.
What happens is:
a.) Person A - logs on.. make themselves available.
b.) Person B - logs on.. makes themselves available as well.
c.) Person C  - does the same....
at some point person a or b or c.. can have a chat with the others. no problem.
BUT,  person A, somehow no longer shows themselves to be available.. from Person B or Person C perspective.
"A"  - thinks they are available, because they still show green AVAILABLE...  
so now person B and C can't chat with person A... and Person A doesn't understand why no one is communicating.
This happens everyday....
I have looked in logs, but don't see anything too revealing.

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
We currently have this on our bugs list. Have you considered using a client to connect through XMPP? Here at the office we use Pidgin. PSI is also good and there are a couple others.
Matt Petty
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