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Question asked by Stephen Bennett - 5/9/2015 at 1:05 PM
I'm new to SmarterTrack and am having trouble with a very fundamental issue. Sorry!
I have a small support team (2 of us) we currently have a low volume of tickets.
We want to Cherry-Pick tickets.
At the moment, tickets arrive in the Queue ready for picking.
But really, we need email notification of new tickets and updates received for existing tickets.
I seem unable to set this up. I've tried creating events (both 'tickets created' and 'tickets received' events) but nothing seems to happen with these. They don't appear to be triggered.
I've so far been unable to find the right KB article to help me.
What am I doing wrong? Would have thought this a fairly fundamental requirement? 
Thanks in advance :)

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Brian Ellwood Replied
Not using the product I can't speculate but an email based solution would be to have say info@ be an alias that forwards to:

-your staff
-a pickup mailbox for the helpdesk to poll from

This way you'll get email updates
Stephen Bennett Replied
Err yeah, that much I figured :)

Kind-of looking for a little assistance on how to actually set that up within the interface (no - I don't mean creation of the email accounts - I have those. I mean the ability for the system to send alerts to those addresses) as it's not immediately obvious. So hopeful someone with hands-on experience can guide me to the right place.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Good day Stephen,
Thanks for the details on the issue. I observed that you have opened a Support Ticket with us. We will continue to troubleshoot this matter through the ticketing process.

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