How can I remove the extra replies in a ticket?
Question asked by Mike Kauspedas - 11/10/2014 at 8:06 AM
Each ticket that is replied to includes the previous replies, so the customer's reply includes the entire thread of the ticket up to that point. How can we cut that out so we only receive the reply the customer actually made and not everything previous included in their email? 

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Mike Kauspedas Replied
I found this, but it just limits the replies we send but at least when the customer replies we don't see all the previous replies since they aren't included in the email. idk, this is something Zendesk did automatically. 
  • Max Messages in Replies - The number of previous messages automatically included in the text of a ticket response. By default, ticket replies include the text of three previous messages. All replies to tickets are stored by SmarterTrack, but not all replies necessarily need to be included in each ticket response.
heath Replied
Agreed, ST should strip out the old messages from the email thread and just update the ticket with the new info.
This is very annoying when looking at a response.  It is sometimes difficult to tell what is there.
Would be much better if ALL replies were only the new content, not the entire message thread.

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