Authenticated message being dumped into high spam when deleivered to mailbox
Problem reported by Debby Coutinho - October 21, 2014 at 7:04 AM
We have a client who is hosted on 2 different SM 12.4 servers, the one user from domain A sends an email to user at Domain b, but the mail gets sent to high spam and redirected to the quarantine folder we use.  
1) I check the smtp log on server A, the user is authenticated and the mail is accepted
2) the delivery log sees the mail being deleivered to Server B fine
3) I check the smtp log on server A and the mail is accepted fine
4) the mail starts deleivery, and it seems as if the originating IP address, which is an ADSL address is checed against the RBLS and obvioulsy fails and is then redirected to spam.
This was not happening before I upgraded to 2.4 version, now a few clients have moaned about this and it seems to be an issue. Surely the message should be accepted as authenticated and passtd to the second server and sent to the mailbox fine ?
Or do I have a setting that is incorrect ?  I used chicargo techs spam setup document to setup our servers.

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