Forwarded mail loses visibility to thread
Problem reported by Michael Binnix - 10/9/2014 at 5:52 AM
Some customers tend to write to the project manager who handled their start up, or other employee they've gotten to know when they should really submit their inquiry to support.  

If we simply forward the email from the personal mailbox using SmarterMail web interface to the support mailbox where it is picked up by SmarterTrack, the SmarterTrack ticket only displays the information typed by the employee who forwarded it. The original email from the customer is only visible if you view source and is not included in the email thread the customer later sees in response.

SmarterTools support confirmed they could recreate this behavior and suggested changing our webmail default to text rather than html.  This represents a very small percentage of correspondence and seems a major step backwards so we've declined this advice and taken to opening the tickets manually via copy and paste.

SmarterTools further has not committed to any future change.  I'd like to encourage SmarterTools to develop a better way for two of their flagship products to interact.

Except for this nuisance, we are quite happy with both of these products.

Mike Binnix
Chief Technical Officer
Knowledge Management Solutions, Inc.


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Paul Monaghan Replied
This is causing me a few problems as customers will quite often forward messages to the helpdesk from Outlook and as Mike points out all we see in SmarterTrack is the new part of the message rather than the original text. Is there a setting in SmarterTrack that we can change that will display the entire message.

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