Ability to mark ticket as draft
Idea shared by Robert Voigt - February 14, 2014 at 6:26 PM
Under Consideration
Could you add a function to mark/save a ticket as draft.
Eg. When you are working on a reply for a client and for some reason you have to stop in the middle of composing this would be very handy. Otherwise you lose your work.

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Grady Werner Replied
Employee Post
This already exists in SmarterTrack.  When you want to save your draft click "Save as Draft" at the top of the response.
In addition, under Ticket Settings (an administrator settings page), there's an option to set the auto-save frequency.  Enable that and your drafts will automatically be saved for you.
Grady Werner
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Hi Grady,

Yes, but only for submitted tickets.
We are missing this functioanlity for New tickets.
Sometimes an agent must write a reply to a customer, but the manager must do a review (problem cases).
Then the agent can write this as a draft and later when the manager has time he/she can review this.
I recently got a mail from Sally from sales:
You are correct, currently there is not a way for an agent to save a new ticket as a draft.  I spoke with one of my developers and they are adding that to the feature request list for the future.  
So hopefully we can see this soon ;)
Thanks for the reply,

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