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Idea shared by Robert Voigt - February 14, 2014 at 6:21 PM
Can you please add a customer/ contact section in Smartertrack.
Something like Smartermail has. Our company deals with a lot of call backs and currently it is difficult to store phone numbers in Smartertrack other then custom fields and comments. We would like the ability to search for a customer (email, name, etc) and have there information popup and also the related tickets associated with that person. 
Currently you just have to add the Smatermail contacts options to the current ticket email display and a section with link in the navigation bar. One of the competitors (Kayako) has this option. And there is also the ability to link to a company and have multiply contacts within that company. (maybe a very handy feature to build in).
Please take this option serious.


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We do have the feature to link a company with multiple contacts on our list of features that we want to include in an upcoming release. We do not, at this time, have an estimate of when that feature will be added but it is definitely something we are talking about for an upcoming version.
I agree, this is a very important and Seriuos option, can the SmarterMail Contact Feature like be added to Smarter Track, so we can search for the user information much better and easier, so the Tickets , call Logs, Tasks, Chats, etc would be attached to the Contact instead of the email only....
Please advice
God Bless
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