Has anyone run into SmarterStats importing more rows than the log file has?
Question asked by Rob Hayes - 4/28/2015 at 9:23 AM
Using SmarterStats 6.5. When I go look at the log status, I'm seeing roughly 2x the number of "Good Rows" than exists in the log file, no "Bad Rows" logged. An example is that one of the IIS log files has about 972,000 rows in it, but SmarterStats shows it processed 1,818,000 "Good Rows". Any thoughts as to why I would be seeing this? Is there something internal that just makes it seem like it's double processing the file? This isn't a load balanced scenario, site is hosted on a single server. It's only our IIS log files, our Akamai log files are accurate when comparing the "Good Rows" versus the number of rows in the log file. And we recently migrated to IIS 8.5, not sure if that may play a role in things. The problems do seem to coincide with that change, but I can't say for sure.

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Rob Hayes Replied
As a side note, we have an older 4.0 install, also pulling logs from IIS 8.5, that is not showing this same behavior.
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Hello Rob,
Thanks for your time. I reviewed the details on this matter and observed you have submitted a Support ticket.  We advised to upgrade to the current build of SmarterStats 10.x to correct the issue.
Thank You.

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