Community Search still has issues
Problem reported by Steve Reid - April 22, 2015 at 10:37 AM
When will we see an update to the community search so that it will actually work?
I feel the ignoring of this serious problem is atrocious.
I know I posted before about this, but I was not easily able to find my old post, even though I know the exact title.
Just for example, I type in File Storage, and the results have absolutely nothing at all to do with File Storage.
I search for "Community Search not very accurate / does not work" and I can't find my post anywhere. It should be the first result.
When I click on a username I am expecting to see all threads that the user has activity in, but instead it searches for the users name and show results that have nothing at all to do with that user.
How is this allowed to be happening for so long without anybody seemingly caring at all at Smartertools? I mean do none of your employees use the search function?
It is just plain garbage.

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OK Grady it seems slightly better, however if I'm searching for the exact title of a thread, why is it not the first one in the results list? If my search term is exactly like or contained within the title then those threads should be returned at the top of the results.
For example my "File Storage" has the three most relevant results not at the top of the list.
It should weigh title matches higher then body matches.
It just seem like there is still no logic in the search results at all.
I like the search results tab now, I think this will solve some issue.
However the search string seems to persist too much, like when I click community again it should clear the search.
Maybe even a clear search button? Since now I must select and delete search criteria before I can see all post again.

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