Have not changed password or anything else. Cannot log into my smarter email account??
Problem reported by eliza jin - 4/10/2015 at 6:52 PM
Can someone explain why I cannot log into my smarter mail/email account?

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CCWH Replied
What errors are you receiving? Are you the admin? Is this just a mailbox?
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Hi Eliza! 
Do you manage SmarterMail on your own server or do you receive it as a hosted service? If the latter, you'll actually need to contact your hosting company for assistance with a password reset. SmarterMail has the ability to allow users to request a password reset from the Web interface, but this needs to be enabled by the provider. If you're not sure who your hosting provider is, I can do a search online if provided your domain (ex: example.com). Otherwise, you can search using MXToolbox.com
If you do manage SmarterMail on your own server and have access to the system files, you can reset the System Administrator password by following these steps: Reset Administrator Username and Password.
I hope this helps!

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