Client Fails to Connect After an Active Directory Password Change

Occasionally after an Active Directory (AD) user has their password changed, they may notice that the email client they're using with their SmarterMail account will fail to connect. This is especially noticeable when using NTLM authentication.

When this happens, the user simply needs to login to their SmarterMail account, using the new Active Directory password, via webmail. This will cause SmarterMail to connect to AD and refresh the account credentials.

While SmarterMail integrates with Active Directory, it's a one-way sync. That means that SmarterMail can pull information from AD, but it can't push information. Therefore, logging in to webmail, using the new AD credentials, will re-link SmarterMail with Active Directory and thereby re-link the client. Clients affected by this issue include Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows, and eM Client.