You should be auto-subscribed to any thread you create.
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - August 26, 2014 at 5:31 PM
Or at least have some sort of option to auto-subscribe you to your own threads.

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We agree! This feature is being developed and will be included in the next update.
You can actually see a preview of it here and now on our Portal. Users will be auto-subscribed to threads that they create or participate in. Individual threads may be unsubscribed by use of the subscribe button in the header and the feature may be disabled per-user in their 'My Settings' section of the Portal.
I can confirm that it's now working when you create a new thread.
And it's working when I reply to a thread.
Thank you for reporting back! That is correct. It has already been fixed internally and will start behaving correctly once we update our server.

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