Migration from SmarterMail 6.x to current version
Question asked by Victor Williams - 3/27/2015 at 9:23 AM
I have (somewhat) inherited a SmarterMail implementation that is hosted by a 3rd party and has never been updated.  I want to purchase SmarterMail and move all email boxes on the hosted solution to it (without the current 3rd party knowing), and then cancel the 3rd party's service.  Can the mail migration wizard thing migrate from other SmarterMail implementations as well?  I have no direct admin access to the current server, but do have admin access to the SmarterMail web interface.  Can this be done?
Thanks for any input.

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Good day Victor,
Thanks for the inquiry.  I would say that you would be able to move the email application to your environment. There are a few variables that you will encounter and rather than trying to make any changes you would need access or a copy of the files from the hosting provider. I'm not certain on the contract or agreement with the provider. You would need to reach out to them.
In regards to updating to the current build of the software we encourage you to contact us for a quote and we can start the process.  The primary concern is that Version 6 is a legacy version and there has been many changes since them. If you were to setup the server with the existing copy you would need to have the same build installed. 
Thank you.
Bruce Barnes Replied
Since you are moving from SmarterMail to SmarterMail, you should be able to use IMAP to pull the data:  e-mail, folders, calendar, contacts, etc.
Since you have SmarterMail admin rights to the SmarterMail web interface, you will have no problems adding services to the domains.  If IMAP is disabled, you will be able to enable it, on a domain-by-domain basis, etc.
Best of luck in the move.  There are several of us who can assist you if necessary.
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Daniel Comp Replied
We're in a similar situation. I have a legacy v5.5 on an old server that I want to migrate accounts onto a new server (2012) using version 13. I'm looking for the best pathway to move email accounts on Monday! (tomorrow)
Should I build a replica v5.5 on the new server and try upgrading - or simply install 13 on the new server and 'export' from the 5.5 database in some way?
Any pointers?
Steve Reid Replied
I would do your first suggestion... They say it may be necessary to upgrade to version 7 first to have the folder structure updated. However I think it's also supposed to work even in the latest version.
Daniel Comp Replied
Thanks. That's what i decided to do. This way i can migrate over the weekend rather than rush asap.

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