Feature Request: Color Coding Events and/or Categories
Idea shared by Michael Gillespie - March 18, 2015 at 11:56 PM
Calendar entries have the option to allow you to assign categories to events. Are any of the following possible in 13.x?
  1. Change the coloring of events in the SM calendar to reflect specific categories? IE, Telecon - red
  2. Display the category in calendar view WITHOUT having to open the event? (maybe small italics below title)
  3. When using Add To Outlook option for calendar, is it possible to get Outlook to recognize the "matching" category and automatically color it on sync?
Outlook calendars have spoiled the users, trying to address usability issues.

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I think Michael have a very good idea
several customers asked me if this feature will be available in smartermail
to see the same colors in webmail as shown in Outlook

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