Email Confirmation Confusion
Problem reported by VIP SUPPORTAL - August 25, 2014 at 4:40 PM
Not A Problem
On my public portal I tested a new public user doing the following;
1. Click the "Register" button.
2. Enter the information and then click the "Complete Registration" button.
3. I receive a confirmation message. "You have successfully registered" and I notice that I am already logged in.
4. When I try to do something I get an error "You need to verify your email first. To resend the verification email go to "Preferences". 
Three problems here.
1 - The confirmation message should read something like "Check your email to complete the registration process."
2 - The new user should not be logged in before verification of the email address.
3 -  There is no available "Preferences" to check. The Settings section does not allow one to resend the verification email.
I had these same problems when I started my trial and was very confused and frustrated. I have patience and noticed a good product, even with bugs that should not exist in such a feature rich project that has some longevity history. My users probably will not have such patience and it could cost me money.
We are looking to replace an inferior system for all of the sites that we monitor. I am just curious of how all of these issues that I find exist and nobody has reported them and more importantly these things should have been discovered with QA testing  before being released.
I am happy to help, just a bit curious and confused.

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Other than the verification messages the email delivery issue has been solved.

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