Is there possibility for Inter Domain Global Address List (GAL)
Question asked by BIS Techies (Rebecca and Family) - March 14, 2015 at 1:23 AM
My client has a requirement for a merge of a few domains under the same Global Address Book within the web portal (Web-mail).
is this a feature that is available, or a hack that can be done on the smartermail domain configuration?
basically if i am in the domain, is there an option where i can see the domain users?

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Good day,
Thanks for the inquiry. You would not be able to combine Global Address lists for multiple domains. The list is domain specific and can not be edited or modified to reflect both.  If you were to add a external account that resides outside of the SmarterMail domain you can add that and then share the contacts to be viewed. This will work with the Add to Outlook feature.
On a separate note, I kind of figured out what I need to do to allow a 'make-shift' global contact/calendar between domains.
What I can do is to use one of the account in SmarterMail say, to have a sync from Web to Outlook 2010/2013... The sync method is to use the Outlook Sync (Connect to Outlook) option, aka Sharepoint sync.
Then once the sync is established, and I can see changes made on the fly, I can then use my Outlook, to send invitation to ask other people/other users to 'Join' and see the sync calendar or sync contacts made available through the SmarterMail Web.
However, I have a problem... I tried to send the invitation, irregardless of whether the recipient is or if it's, in either case, the Outlook for Alan is showing the shared calendar or contacts, but a BLANK one with no data.
Is there something I am missing here?

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