Assign ticket operator by email (without use round robin or web interface) based on reply "from address".
Idea shared by Marco Li Mandri - February 3, 2015 at 2:18 PM
Under Consideration

I'm intrested to this function, very simple to develop.

SmarterTrack can assign agent Ticket in one of these ways:

1) With round robin
2) Put ticket in QUEUE and agent TAKE Ticket by web interface
3) With System Event

With Round Robin Method agent can receive ticket by email and reply this, without use "web interface" of Smartertrack.
Smartertrack transparently track message.

Example ( have smartertrack to support his customers):

1. customer@email >
2. Smartertrack POP from email address (support@company) and create TICKET
3. Smartertrack auto ASSIGN agent and (if is set) forward ticket from to
4.  (reply) >
5. Smartertrack AUTOMATICALLY replay to Customer: > and tracks messages history.
This is very fine.

BUT if i don't USE ROUND ROBIN and Leave all ticket in QUEUE, i can't reply ticket by email because SmarterTrack say "Failed to send your response to customer@email because the ticket is no longer assigned to you."


I propose this new little function:

>>>> Assign Ticket to Agent When he reply to Ticket from his address.

Flow Example:
1. customer@email >
2. Smartertrack POP from email address (support@company) and create TICKET
3. Ticket are placed in QUEUE
4. With System Event (or with new smartertrack property) SmarterTrack forward ticket to ALL agent of the Department Group
5. Whene one agent reply to ticket SmarterTrack Assign ticket to him and forward message to customer

This is usefull when you want manage ticket by email and isn't possible to pre-define criteria to assign to agent (for specific competences).

For complete this instruments i propose to add in "Ticket System Events" one variable to identify "FROM address" of new message ticket fetched from POP account.


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We really need this.  Most of our technicians are on the road and being able to respond to an incoming (and unassigned ticket) by replying to the email is imperative.

We have the first half of the problem solved.  The Ticket Created event sends an email to a distribution group which includes all our technicians.  We'd the reply from any technician to be added to the ticket and then forwarded to the client.
We have  added this to our internal tracking system for further discussion.
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