New unread emails being marked as read
Question asked by Chaz Garrett - 7/30/2014 at 10:09 AM
As new emails come in my SM is marking the other new messages as read, even though they haven not been read.  This happens, from what I can tell, when SM is open and the contents of a new email are displayed on the right hand side, then a new email comes in and the previous one is marked as "read" even though it has not been.  I need a fix for this. The emails should not be marked "read", just because a new one comes in.
I am using v9.x (I know I need an update just dont have time)
There are no pop accounts associated w this address
There is an IMAP on an android phone.

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Dennis DeBevec Replied
I am receiving similar complaints from a set of my SM customers.
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
  • Version 11.7.5136
My mailbox does not exhibit the behavior.  Not all users exhibit behavior.  But some users are seeing it.  I watched it on a customers' mailbox yesterday where the message changed from unread / read after the user deleted a previous email and then SM repositioned in the list of messages pane.
My customers are begging me to have this work like MS Outlook where you can configure webmail (My Settings) to go to read only if the user double-clicks on a message.
Apparently, there used to be a setting which perhaps helped with this.  This is from SmarterMail 10.x Help:
Enable automatic mark as read for previewed messages - Select this option to automatically mark previewed messages as read.
However, this setting does not occur in v11.x.  I cannot find it under My Settings.
I think this may be occurring due to some sort of synchronization between a mobile device and SmarterMail.  The user who is exhibiting the issue has a new Samsung Galaxy S5.  My mailbox is not exhibiting the issue and I have an iPhone 4 (with fetch every 30 mins).
I have multiple users complaining about this behavior and saying they are missing messages because of this read/unread indicator issue.
The read/unread issue is in the webmail interface.
I am going to work with the users to try and narrow down what may be affecting the behavior.  I'm leaning towards mobile device or browser issue.
Carlo Hernandez Replied
I am having the same issue for one user. They are using their Gmail App to access their SmarterMail account, which is a little confusing to me. I have not had a chance to contact her or troubleshoot the account - this is the information provided to me by the ticketing system. However, what you are describing is verbatim to what she is describing. Did you find a solution to this issue?
Chaz Garrett Replied
Dennis, my user is also using a Samsung Galaxy S5.  I cant imagine that would have anything to do with it but it might.  He is set up on a POP account but it was doing it with an IMAP as well.
Carlo I also have a user that routes everything (multiple email address) through gmail. He uses it like outlook, because its more compatible w/ some other software he has. And this has caused some issues as well for him but not the issue with emails being marked as "read". 
I have not figured out a solution to this. 

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