Custom reports from custom fields?
Question asked by Mike Kauspedas - 1/22/2015 at 2:25 PM
We added a custom field to categorize tickets. Is it possible to also build a custom report on a custom field from a ticket? Right now we're just manually pulling the data from the database. 

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Hi Mike,
Depending on which report you are trying to view you can group reports by a custom field.  So if you want to do a custom report you would go to Reports > Custom Reports > Manage Custom Reports > New.  Select the report you want to use and several options will become available. Go down to Group By, select your custom field, make your other selections for the report and click OK, then Save.  Your new report will now be listed under Manage Custom Reports.
Mike Kauspedas Replied
Thanks, I also found we can use the ticket overview report and group by the custom fields.

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