Feature Requests Gathered From Client's Feedback
Idea shared by tweakservers - 1/18/2015 at 1:36 AM
Looking on the new features on SmarterTrack 11.x which are in BETA, here's some points of suggestions which I have gathered from client's who has purchased the software license from us :
1. Cloning of Employees
We have seen cloning of employees does not actually clone their "setting" over to the groups/department. Example the workload, logout session..etc for each of the group. Our customers has to spent times to cycle through each of the group and manually update that new agent to have the workload. Imagine if you are cloning that agent to 10-15 groups, how inefficient it is.
2. Blocking of Auto Responder
There are times that some of the emails which hits the SmarterTrack install is generating an infinite loop of auto responder with the client's email auto responder. The emails just comes in infinitely and generating hundred and thousands of tickets. The only options for this which our client has taken is to setup filtering for that department email account to filter the emails OR disable the auto responder for department level.
3. Empower Manager role to manage the department/ Groups
This something to work on for no.2 as usually only the admin of the helpdesk can access to both the helpdesk and company email to setup the necessary filtering. The entire operation will get stuck when the admin is not around. Also, giving the manager role to be able to manage their own department allow the manager to shuffle the workload accordingly.
4. Spool Management
Advance search and delete should be applicable so the clearing of emails from the spool can be done in the quickest way.
5. Advance Search
There's been couple of community thread created that the advance search should be seriously improved. This should be taken into serious consideration by SmarterTrack Dev Team.
6. Integration with Cloud Applications
The past few years has evolved on how customer portal helpdesk, SmarterTrack should improve on the integration of this for those famous applications.
Feel free to add or expand this thread so we have a full list of features that everyone would like to see to have.

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Regarding #2, when you go to Configuration -> Email and look at the Options tab, at the bottom you'll see "Filter duplicate incoming emails". Checking this will block duplicate emails when more than 3 come in in a 15 minute period. This should take care of any looping auto-responder issues.
Regarding #6, which "famous applications" would you like to see integrated? I know that there has been discussions of Zapier, what what else?
I hope that helps.
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