The LastLogin date is sometimes incorrect, and webmail view may not match export
Problem reported by Montague WebWorks - 5/29/2024 at 10:45 AM
Hey all. I had a ticket open with ST regarding the sometimes incorrect or mismatched LastLogin date on the webmail Accounts page vs the Export Users CSV file. They suggested I post it here.

For instance, today I received an email from a customer who asked if I could send her a list of company email accounts to confirm they aren't paying for an old address they don't need anymore. Typically I take a screen shot of the Accounts user list for their domain, and include the Last Login so they can see which accounts aren't being used.

The customer emailed me from the address office@, yet the webmail admin screen showed that her account's Last Login was May 10th via XMPP. The CSV export showed the same date. Neither is correct, obviously, since she just sent me an email an hour ago, today, May 30.

In the past I have done an export of all users on my server and sort them by LastLogin to see which accounts could potentially be removed to save the customer money and me hard drive space. Most accounts I would have no real idea whether they're being used or not, but many I do, including my own company accounts. Often I would compare the export CSV with the web admin Accounts page and see wide discrepancies. Several accounts of mine are checked via IMAP every ten minutes, 24/7/365, yet the LastLogin in the export could show three months ago or a year ago, and the web admin show a completely different date... despite me looking in Thunderbird and seeing emails that are just hours old.

I proposed the following to SmarterTools regarding accurate LastLogin logging...

Any time a user touches the server there should be a specific variable to save the date/time of that specific method of connection (ie; LastPOP, LastIMAP, LastSMTP, LastWebmail, LastXMPP, LastCalendar, etc) as well as two vars that keep the LastConnectDateTime and LastConnectMethod for the web admin. Maybe also LastPOPIP, LastIMAPIP, LastWebmailIP, etc.

All these vars should be included in the user export. That would be very helpful to see what our users are actually doing.

Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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Ron Raley Replied
Last Login (XMPP) confuses our users.

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