Anyone attempted to move SM Windows data over to Linux beta?
Question asked by Nathan - 5/20/2024 at 5:33 AM
It is on my list to attempt moving Window based SM data over to Linux but before I do so I wondered if anyone had tested and if there was any advice? I am thinking file naming could be fun with Linux file systems being case sensitive and Windows not.

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Patrick Jeski Replied
I moved one domain over, using sftp. I’m pretty sure the permissions are wrong, but the domain works. It’s pretty straightforward. 

Filename case carries over, so I found no issues with that. 

But I have found that since SmarterMail seems to use the same casing as the windows version, I find file names for things like the log files to be tedious. 
Kyle Kerst Replied
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The migration/conversion wizard has gone through extensive changes including improving permissions, and we'll have that released in the beta very soon. I've successfully completed move tests from Windows to Linux, and Linux to Windows without running into too much trouble. The biggest advice I'd offer here is just making sure you step through the conversion wizard reading any errors/prompts as they arise. A successful move will require you've placed backups of your existing data in the correct locations and the wizard should alert you to any missing pieces or folders it can't access.

We have an article coming on this soon so keep an eye out for that!
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