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Idea shared by Roger - 4/10/2024 at 1:22 PM
Hello everyone

A new customer, who has been using Google very intensively over the last few years, gave me a great idea for SmarterMail and I am convinced that many people could benefit greatly from it.

It should be possible to create a rule when filtering the content of an e-mail account, which then adds one or more tags to an e-mail as an action.

Use case: we often receive different emails with certain subjects or keywords in the message area of an email, such as "invoice" or "order" or "order confirmation", "inquiry" etc.
With this function, you can now automatically tag all incoming emails that contain such words in the subject line, for example, with a specific tag and then land in the inbox already prepared, which is half the battle.

Now you can simply filter by tags such as "invoices" and then have an overview and can process these pending items and then move them to the subfolders accordingly.

Why are tags better than moving messages to subfolders?
With subfolders, it is easy for a message to simply get lost, especially if you are often on the move and have a quick look on your cell phone, but also on the computer, regardless of whether Outlook or eM Client, you lose track more quickly. With the tags, you have assigned a recognition indicator to a mail and can sort or filter according to this.

Regards, Roger

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Hello everyone

I would like to know what the community and SmarterTools think about this. I think it should not be a big effort to implement this. An additional action with tags.

Thanks and greetings
Sabatino Traini Chief Information Officer Genial s.r.l. Martinsicuro - Italy
The more I think about it, the more useful situations come to mind to make my work easier. In addition to descriptive tags such as Invoice open, you can also assign the tag Urgent based on the mail priority or assign the tag SLA to customers who have an SLA, etc etc

Do you have other ideas with that?
I ask the community but also smartertools-support about feedback and whether you find that this also represents a clear added value for you?
Matt Petty Replied
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I like the idea. Gives you a neat way to add context to an email without having to move it or modify the subject. 

For example I could create tags for Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or other common senders, then append tags automatically to them. Allowing me an easy way to filter the folder by sender company. 
Matt Petty Software Developer SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Zach Sylvester Replied
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Hey Roger, 

I think that this is a good idea. Would this just be an action for a content filter or how do you suggest that we implement this? Also, would you be able to explain a bit more about what you mean about how an email gets lost when looking at it on a phone?

Thank you, 
Zach Sylvester System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Of course, that is also a possibility. I think with tags you have much more possibilities to organize your mails, to find them and in eM Client etc. you can also make search folders so that you have them immediately at hand. You can also filter by tags in webmail and since the mails already have one or more tags, you know a lot in advance.

Thank you. I have imagined that the system administrator, domain administrator but also the mailbox owner can create a content filter as before with all the available options. In addition, the action called "Add tag" should now be added.

Then you can select a tag that already exists or create a new one with its own color (as is now possible with mail, calendar, etc.). The action is therefore that the system administrator, domain administrator and mailbox owner can trigger an action for the content filter with the tag and then the selected tag is automatically added to the mail as soon as it matches this setting.

I am convinced that this will open up completely new possibilities.

Zach I meant that for a while I automatically moved emails by sender to an individual subfolder. On the iPhone, it is then rather tedious to see which message has come in from a particular customer on which topic. This is not the case with the tags because the mail can remain in the inbox and I then move it when it's done.
Tags are considerably better for organizing than folders. The simple example is that an item can have multiple tags and it cannot be placed in multiple folders. And you have filtering which one would typically use if the total number of items was large but wouldn't be necessary if the number of items was small. Again folders might result in (for example) 3 folders having one item in each.
Thank you Thomas, you've hit the nail on the head. That's exactly how it is. I would be delighted to receive a vote for this feature request :)
I wanted to highlight this idea again and ask for more opinions from the community. The SmarterTools team is also kindly invited to participate.

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