Calendar Session/Cookies expire, page does not refresh properly - Remember Me not working.
Problem reported by Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org - 2/19/2024 at 1:44 PM
We are using Build 8797
So I typically use 2 browsers for Smartermail. One to work on email, the other (Chrome) basically just sits on the calendar screen all day so i can see and manage all of our scheduling for the month.

I have noticed that If I do not touch it for a while, SmarterMail calendar will disconnect the session, or expire, or whatever the right term is, and when you go to refresh the calendar screen, it either goes blank or you get an error message saying "the server is not responding". No, the server is fine. something is locked up in the browser and the cookies or something have not cleared, and that is preventing it from accessing the server properly.

If I clear the URL info except for the standard link to log in and press enter, this is the screen you get.  An error message.   You have to close the tab completely and then start a new one to get smartermail to work. 

On the old version 14 of SmarterMail, you could simply refresh the page or put your cursor into the url and press enter, and it would refresh and put you back at a login screen, or if you had "remember me" turned on, it would log you straight in.  

In this scenario, The remember me does not work. In the screen below you can see it is turned off again, even though I turned it on with the previous login. You have to log in each time

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J. LaDow Replied
This has been an issue with impersonation as well.  We get random expirations of the tokens for impersonated user and you have to close out that tab and start all over.
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